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1300HP Full-Carbon R32 GT-R Steals the Show at SEMA 2021

Godzilla sheds its metal skin for carbon.

Garage Active Japan unveiled their new all carbon wide body R32 GTR at SEMA 2021. The car is powered by an RB28 HKS stage three stroker motor which reportedly boasts 1300hp with just over 3000 lbs in total body weight.

Kazushige Sakamoto, the (mad scientist of a) man behind the creation, imported the car all the way to the US to make its official debut at the show. The GT-R specialist has gained a well-earned reputation of not only building the craziest Skylines but also with the quality of carbon fiber work given to his cars.

Aside from the meticulously laid carbon mesh that ensured rigidity and stability of the composite body, the proper fitment of the panels and the accuracy of every millimeter contributed to the aesthetic appeal of the car. The precise measurement of each panel gave the impression that it came out the factory as is. Moreover, the carbon body panels provided weight savings of approximately 245 lbs.

The R32 has also been adorned with other refined features in its interior, including Recaro carbon seats and complete carbon flooring. Other features include shift lights, a suede steering wheel, a turbo timer, and a trio of gauges as well as a leather-trimmed and double-stitched dashboard to boot. But perhaps the most surprising feature of the car was it still retained its air-conditioning unit, because why not?

Founded in 1992, Garage Active Japan opened as a modest repair shop catering to used cars. These humble beginnings helped Sakamoto-san gain substantial knowledge of Nissans and built his reputation as a brand specialist among enthusiasts. The quality of his work helped him become recognized as one of the best Skyline tuners.

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