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2024 Honda CR-V could be powered by Hydrogen

Honda’s exploration of alternative powertrains for its vehicles is steadily being established. The company announced that its next hydrogen-powered vehicle will be a version of the new CR-V with plug-in capability.

According to the company, the hydrogen-powered crossover equipped with a fuel cell system co-developed with GM will go on sale in 2024 in North America and Japan.

Further details about the engineering of the unit are yet to be announced. However, Honda mentioned that the CR-V will have two H2 tanks in the rear, along with an intelligent power unit placed under the seats and a fuel cell system and drive unit mounted as one under the hood.

Reports claimed that Honda plans to build around 2000 units of the new fuel cell system annually by 2025 at the Fuel Cell System Manufacturing Center in Michigan. Furthermore, Honda plans to scale up its production as it plans to build 60,000 units a year of the said fuel cell system or an improved version by 2030.

By investing in the development of this technology, Honda sees the future of applying its technology to other commercial vehicles, stationary power stations, and construction machinery.

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