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Drag Diesel D-Max packs 6-Turbos and a Nitro

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

What happens when a Thai man gets hold of one Isuzu D-MAX? Simple, he gives it six damn turbochargers and a tank of nitrous oxide to race it.

This drag diesel truck was featured on CB Media’s Youtube Channel. The tuner garage who owns the truck focused on turning standard diesel pickups into drag racers.

The tuning is pretty straightforward. The pickup got its standard engine equipped with larger turbos (in this case, six), suspension kits lowered the car to improve aerodynamics and control, while aftermarket wheels and tires were bolted to help with traction. The tuner then equipped the truck with titanium braces to improve the vehicles structural rigidity when going high-speed with shots of nitrous oxide.

Thai tuners have steadily gained world attention for their keen attention to detail and world-class execution. Drag trucks in Thailand get carbon fiber parts that are handcrafted and fitted to suit the panels with millimeter precision.

Those who are familiar with carbon fiber manufacturing would understand how difficult and expensive this process is, not to mention the risk of making substandard parts which may cause structural issues with the vehicle and spell danger to the racer.

Another thing to note about this build is the “Thai-look” aesthetic of the pickup. Thai racing culture is not only known for its crazy fast rides, but also with its unique flare. "Flamboyant, colorful and extremely loud," these factors define the Thai racing culture.

For more information, please visit CB Media’s Youtube Channel: ( Article by: PAULO CUENTO

December 31, 2021

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