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E-Motorcycle LiveWire Targets 100,000 Bikes Sold in 2026

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Harley-Davidson’s electric spin-off brand LiveWire has made a bold statement. 100,000 electric motorcycles sold in 2026, and shifting of 190,000 units before the end of the decade. A wild claim considering the fact that this industry has yet to gain traction.

But if there is something Harley-Davidson has been good at, it is brand longevity. In a highly-competitive world of motorcycle manufacturing, the company has made it through the ups and downs. Their effective business practices also earned them their reputation.

Because of this, their LiveWire branch has been able to make strategic moves including partnerships and mergers, which may direct the company to go public and make it open to all investors.

Other reports expect the company to launch a new motorcycle model around the second half of 2022 named Del Mar. The said electric motorcycle will be built on the brand’s proprietary Arrow platform as reports claim.

In terms of business, an investor relations document revealed that the company has projected positive growth in the coming years. According to the document, the company was able to move 387 total units in 2021, including the LiveWire ONE and other Harley-Davidson-branded electric motorcycles. In 2022, it aims to sell about 957 units, then make a huge leap by 2023 with a total estimate of 7,236 units sold.

The document further revealed that LiveWire expects to double its 2023 estimates and sell about 15,000 units in 2024, and compound it at 50,000 by 2025 and reach its goal of 100,000 sales by 2026.

Wild numbers indeed.

Article by: PAULO CUENTO

March 05, 2022

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