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LEGO & Mercedes launch toy set inspired by Lewis Hamilton’s F1 car

LEGO has been successful remaking some of motorsport’s most iconic teams as toy sets. The company’s latest addition to its Speed Champions range is a Mercedes-AMG racing model.

The LEGO kit was inspired by the Mercedes F1 W12 race car from the 2021 F1 Season which saw Lewis Hamilton snag his second place finish during last year’s World Driving Championships.

The set also included two figures complete with racing helmets, wig and wrench. It’s not clear what the terms of Lego’s agreement was with Mercedes-Benz, but it’s quite obvious that neither the Formula 1 logo nor Hamilton’s name appeared on the box. The driver’s included in the kit also hardly resemble the race champion himself.

However, another important piece included in the kit is the Project One hybrid car that was reportedly built with an F1 turbo engine.

The kit included 564 LEGO pieces, and was designed for users aged nine and above. The cars included in the box measured 4cm high, 19cm long and 7cm wide.

The toymaker also included an interactive building guide which can be accessed through the Lego Building app that allowed users to zoom, rotate and view each model from different perspectives as the assembly gets completed.

Article by: PAULO CUENTO

February 18, 2022

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