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Porsche gives a glimpse of its Le Mans Hypercar Prototype

The race car will be Porsche’s entry to top-level endurance racing.

Luxury sports car manufacturer Porsche teased racing fans with its new endurance racing prototype set to compete for podium victory at the prestigious Le Mans 24 Hours in 2023.

The teaser photos showed specific elements of the prototype car in a camouflage livery, directly putting attention to its massive rear end and large rear wing. The hypercar concept features a low rear brake light bar that spans across the car’s wide rear, shining a bit of light to the carbon fiber diffuser tucked in the car’s lower end. However, no images of the front part of the car have been shown.

Porsche shall continue its effort with an extensive test program to further refine the car. The company signed experienced racer Dane Cameron and Felipe Nasr for the project.

Porsche is expected to enter and compete under the LMDh category, following its strict regulations. According to the rules, all LMDh cars must use a spec hybrid electric motor with peak power output capped at 670bhp.

Porsche will be collaborating with VW Group sibling Audi for the said project. Both companies would participate in the LMDh class in the same year and will use chassis built by Multimatic.

Though aero specs of the participating cars are set, Porsche will be given room to fit bespoke bodywork to connect the machine to its road cars.

LMDh cars will be eligible to compete at the World Endurance Championship, including Le Mans and the American IMSA Championship. Porsche is set to compete for both titles.

Article by: PAULO CUENTO

December 22, 2021

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