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SCCA-Winning 1000HP All-Carbon-Fiber Porsche 996 Up for Auction

This is perhaps the fastest and lightest championship race car (dirty) money could buy.

Here’s your chance to own an SCCA-winning 1000HP all-carbon-fiber Porsche for a steep discount and a shady backstory. This one-off race car, infamously known as the “Hurricane,” was based on a 2001 Porsche 996 Turbo and was previously owned by the convicted businessman and racing overlord, Scott Tucker.

The championship-winning race car is poised to fetch between $145,000 (P7.3M) and $205,000 (P10.3M) when it goes under the hammer via RM Sotheby’s at Le Castellet, France this November. Putting it at such a price point is considered a “steal” for auctioned motorsports items. To put into perspective, the same auction house estimated an SCCA-raced 1955 Porsche 550 to be between $3,800,000 (P192M) to $4,200,000 (P212M).

The real intrigue with the car is not the brand, the sum of its insanely engineered race parts, or the motorsports legacy that comes with it. Part of the reason why this car holds a certain degree of notoriety is that it’s a product of Tucker’s insane goal to become a motorsports legend by pumping suspected criminal money to fund his racing obsession.

For those not familiar with the fraudulent history of Tucker, the man was sentenced to almost 17 years in prison after being convicted of several charges alleging a nationwide payday lending scheme in the US. In a 2018 article reported by the Wall Street Journal, US District Judge P. Kevin Castel described Tucker’s practice as “a scheme to extract money from people in desperate circumstances.”

Tucker was suspected of funding his racing exploits using the alleged scam cash he acquired. He then commissioned Kelly-Moss Racing to design this custom-built Porsche to participate in the SCCA Runoff class championships. Tucker allegedly spent over $1M to make sure the car was built to perfection before officially entering the racing scene. In 2011, the team successfully won three SCCA Runoff class championships, including the STO (Super Touring Over 3.0) category. Tucker secured back-to-back victories in the class two years in a row before his eventual legal battle.

Racing in this category is not only difficult and dangerous but also extremely expensive. Moreover, podium winners do not even earn cash prizes from winning these races. Apart from the trophy they take home after the event, the only reward is a moral victory. But considering the wild nature of Tucker’s finances, he probably thought it was worth every cent in his pocket.

Article by: PAULO CUENTO

November 25, 2021

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