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Suzuki Offers a Mini-Maxi Scooter with the 125cc Burgman Street

Suzuki Motorcycles Philippines corners the compact-maxi scooter segment with the Burgman Street --a premium small-displacement scooter that runs perfectly comfortable for urban riding.

With the introduction of the Burgman, Suzuki was able to offer a smaller 125cc option to those who wish to ride a maxi scooter. This seems like an oxymoron considering that maxi scooters ought to be beefier rides with larger displacement, when the 125cc engine of the Burgman has a small capacity to begin with.

However, what separates the Burgman from other 125cc scooters in the market is its body dimensions and overall geometry. The body rides with wide fairings while its seat height is on par with other models above its class. The overall ergonomics and ride stance are also comparable to scooters with bigger displacement.

What makes the Burgman appear smaller though is its pair of wheels. The front has a 12-inch wheel while the rear runs with a 10-inch wheel. Engineers of Suzuki did so to help the scooter run agile and responsive with its torquey acceleration at low speeds, while still keeping the scooter riding smooth and balanced.

Despite having a small engine capacity and wide fairings, the Burgman compensates with its light-weight body. This helps the engine perform on the same level as other models from its class. The scooter’s engine is capable of a stationary top speed (with limiter) of 118kph, and can accelerate from 0-60kph at 6.21 seconds, as road tested.

With the new Burgman Street, Suzuki was able to find a proper balance between performance and comfort as much as finding the happy medium between practicality, aesthetics –and most of all, fun.

Article by: Paulo Cuento

December 29, 2021

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