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TEASER: Honda builds an 800-HP CR-V Hybrid Race Car

The Honda CR-V is among the most loved crossovers in the whole automotive industry. Best known for its modest, yet stylish aesthetic and practical reliability. It’s no wonder it’s the brand’s best-selling compact SUV.

In a surprising corporate move, Honda somehow introduced an 800HP CR-V Hybrid race car, just because.

The build concept is part of Honda's Performance Development, Auto Development Center, and North America Auto Design Division's idea of crafting a high-performance hybrid car. There is no official word why such efforts were made, but it is entirely reasonable that Honda wanted its hybrid transition to be associated with performance and power.

While other “green-friendly” companies like Ford tried to appeal to environment-saving nerds when they made the Mustang Mach–E (which was nothing like a real Mustang), Honda made sure they are on the good side of enthusiasts. This is a welcome move, considering Honda really cares for its customer base as much as it cares about the carbon-neutral future.

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