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The Mitsubishi Outlander is back as the Vision Ralliart Concept

Mitsubishi Motors is expected to launch the Vision Ralliart Concept at Tokyo Auto Salon 2022. The concept is based on the second-generation Outlander SUV, equipped with sporty front and rear bumpers, a bold front grille and large rear diffuser.

Aesthetically, the concept’s design sports aggressive off-road styling, with prominent wheel arches housing its 22-inch wheels. The Vision Ralliart is painted in matte black with a subtle blue undertone which can only be seen when light hits its surface.

The Outlander will also show an “Adventure Style” specification. This option includes camping kit add-ons and strengthened bumpers catering to outdoor enthusiasts.

Mitsubishi is expected to reveal specifications about the engine on the event itself. However, as far as the latest automotive trend suggests, a plug-in-hybrid powertrain is not outside the realm of possibilities.

This reveal hints at how Mitsubishi will develop performance-inspired Ralliart models based from standard cars of its current line-up. It was only last year when the company unveiled Ralliart cosmetic upgrades to their Strada and Montero models (Triton and Pajero in different regions), which received lukewarm reviews.

Mitsubishi Ralliart has become synonymous with rally racing success, and has cemented itself as a respected motorsports brand. As the company revived the Ralliart nameplate, fans are expecting a new venture to motorsports. A formal entry to compete may be enough for hardcore Mitsubishi fans to accept all these new Ralliart badges given to new models of the brand.

Article by: PAULO CUENTO

January 12, 2022

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