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Toyota unveils the GR GT3 concept: A track-only a concept car

Enigmatic. This is the only way to describe the new Toyota GR GT3 concept. As the concept car was teased and finally unveiled to the public at the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon, Toyota has left people with more questions than answers.

For one, the company hasn’t announced a production car like it, yet. This breaks the fundamental rule of GT3 racing, which required manufacturers competing in this class to use a platform based on a mass-production car.

This begs the question on what platform will the new GR GT3 concept would be based on? Furthermore, if Toyota seriously intends to compete in this class, will this purpose-built race car be a mass-production vehicle in development?

If that’s the case, then there’s definitely more reason to celebrate. More race cars for more people, right? Aside from this, the philosophy is not too far from the vision of Gazoo Racing to begin with. “Commercializing motorsport cars,” has been something Toyota had given its fans, which was received with open arms. This is evident in the warm reviews of the new GR Yaris and the GR86.

Under Gazoo Racing, Toyota has developed race cars first, then delivered it to the masses. This method is contrary to the established practice of picking a production car, and engineering it to suit competition. If this concept car follows the GR trend, then the company has really followed through with its promise.

Toyota has been coy with engine details though, aside from stating its commitment “to make the world of motorsports sustainable.” The next obvious lead where people can refer to is the rules of GT3, which states that cars must be between the weight of 1200 kg and 1300 kg (2645 lbs and 2866 lbs) with horsepower between 500 hp and 600 hp. However, would a 500hp mass market race car be feasible?

Aesthetic details also give some hints as to what kind of engine will be used. Given the fact that the concept car has exhaust pipes, there is a possibility that a hybrid powertrain may be powering the car.

Little is known about this car for now. Hopefully, more details will be unveiled soon.

Article by: PAULO CUENTO

January 17, 2022

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